Apple Orchard

Common Favorite Apples!

At Hocking Hills Orchard, here at the Four Seasons Cabins, we grow many different varieties of Apples, Pears, Grapes and other fruit.

The apple varieties in this group all are well known! The flavors range from sweet to tart!

More great tastes to try!

Apple varieties

  • Braeburn

  • (1952 New Zealand) Possibly a chance seedling of Lady Hamilton and Granny Smith. Medium sized, round-conical fruit. Smooth green toyellow skin with scarlet flush and dark red lines. Crisp, juicy, pale cream flesh. Pleasant slightly aromatic, refreshing flavour. Sweet but with plenty of balancing acidity.
  • Burgundy

  • (1953 New York, USA) Monroe x N.Y. 18491 (Macoun x Antonovka) cross. Large round, blackish-red fruit with solid blush. Skin is smooth and glossy. Crisp, subacid flesh. Very good eating quality. Ripens in mid-September.
  • Fuji

  • (1939 Morioka, Japan) Ralls Janet x Delicious cross. Large size fruit. A pale green background skin colour turning pale yellow with an orange red flush. Crisp, firm and quite juicy flesh, perfumed with honey-like sweetness and no acidity.
  • Gala

  • (1934 North Island, New Zealand) Kidd's Orange Red x Golden Delicious cross. Medium to large size fruit. Shape intermediate to tall, rectangular to truncate-conic, convex, strongly ribbed at eye & ribbed on body. Pale yellow skin covered with bright crimson flush and stripes. Firm, juicy, yellowish cream coloured flesh. Flavor sweet, slightly subacid. Ripens in September.
  • Golden Delicious

  • (1890 Clay County, West Virginia, USA) Grimes Golden seedling. Medium sized, round-conical to oblong fruit. Greenish yellow skin ripening to golden yellow. Occasional russet patches. Cream coloured flesh. Crisp and juicy, with a very sweet refreshing taste when first picked. Ripens in early October./font>
  • Granny Smith

  • (1868 New South Wales, Australia) French Crab x Already cross. Medium to large size fruit. Shape intermediate, rectangular, to truncate-conic, convex, ribbed at eye. Skin green to greenish-yellow. Flesh hard, crisp, greenish-white. Flavor subacid, moderately sweet. Superb eating and cooking qualities. Ripens in late October.
  • Gravenstein

  • (1600's Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) Medium to large size fruit. Shape is Oblong, irregular, flat-sided, with small well-rounded ribs. Greenish yellow background colour becoming yellow. Light orange red flush with short, broad, broken scarlet stripes. Cream coloured flesh, somewhat coarse-textured, juicy. Crisp, distinctive savoury flavour. Ripens in late August.
  • Grimes Golden

  • (1790 Brooks County, West Virginia, USA) Medium to large size fruit. Shape intermediate, rectangular to truncate-conic, convex, slightly ribbed. Skin golden yellow with a little russet. Flesh soft, coarse, cream tinged orange. Flavor subacid, rich, aromatic. Ripens in October.
  • Jonagold

  • (1943 New York, USA) Golden Delicious x Jonathan cross. Large fruit, striped red over bright yellow. Firm cracking, juicy, slightly tart flesh. Superb, rich full flavor. Finest dessert eating quality, good cooking properties. Ripens from mid September to late October.
  • Jonathan

  • (1826 Woodstock, New York, USA) Seedling of Esopus Spitzenberg. Medium sized fruit has thin, tough yellow skin almost completely covered with dark red. Ripens September to October.
  • Lodi

  • (1911 New York, USA) Montgomery x White Transparent cross. Medium to large size fruit. Shape intermediate conic, convex. Skin pale yellow sometimes flushed deeper yellow. Flesh coarse white, flavor acid. Fine white applesauce, great for early pies. Ripens during July.
  • McIntosh

  • (1811 Dundas County, Ontario, Canada) Medium sized fruit. Roundish to slightly flattened with smooth, thin, yellow skin mostly covered with a deep red blush. The firm, crisp, white flesh is juicy, very aromatic and sometimes stained with red streaks. Ripens September.
  • Melrose

  • (1937 Ohio, USA) Jonathan x Delicious cross. Large flattened fruit. Yellowish green skin, flushed and streaked dark red with russet spots. Firm, coarse, juicy creamy white flesh. Slightly acid flavor. Ripens from mid to late Oct.
  • Mutsu

  • (1930 Fukushima, Japan) Golden Delicious x Indo cross. Large size fruit. Shape intermediate to tall, truncate-conic, convex to straight, ribbed on body and at eye. Skin green to golden occcasionally flushed. Flesh firm, coarse, crisp, white. Flavor subacid, slightly sweet. Good dessert and processing apple. Ripens in September.
  • Original Delicious

  • (1879 Iowa, USA) Seedling of Yellow Bellflower. Medium tolarge size fruit. Skin red, striped or blushed. Shape conic. Flesh firm, creamy white. Flavor sweet aromatic. Ripens early October.
  • Red Delicious

  • Red colored sport of the original "Delicious" that came from a seedling of Yellow Bellflower in Iowa. Medium to large size solid red fruit. Flesh is white, crisp and lightly sweet. Ripens in October.
  • Spigold

  • (1956 New York, USA) Green Spy x Golden Delicious cross. Large size, irregular shaped fruit. Skin red and striped. Flesh very firm, fine grained sweetness of Golden Delicious. Ripens during October.
  • Stayman Winesap

  • (1866 Leavenworth, Kansas, USA) Seedling of Winesap. Medium to large size fruit. Greenish-yellow skin mostly covered with stripes and splashes of red and crimson. The tangy yellow flesh is firm, crisp, and juicy. Ripens in October.
  • Winesap

  • (1817 USA) Medium to large size fruit. Shape tall to intermediate conic to truncate-conic, convex to straight ribbed at eye & sometimes on body. Skin greenish-yellow flush and striped dull red, russet dots, some russet at base. Flesh firm, tender, coarse, yellowish white. Flavour sweet, wine like, aromatic, subacid. Ripens in October.
  • Yellow Transparent

  • (mid 1800's Russia) Medium size fruit. Shape tall to intermediate conic, convex, prominent ribs base to apex asymmetric. Skin pale yellow or whitish, numerous pale dots. Flesh crisp, tender, coarse, white. Flavour subacid. Ripens in July.