Apple Orchard

Wanted Apple Varieties!

At Hocking Hills Orchard, here at the Four Seasons Cabins, we grow many different varieties of Apples, Pears, Grapes and other fruit.

Here are some apple varieties we are looking for, if you know of a souce for scions or trees please let us know. Thanks.

The sources I have found information for these varieties include: Journal Royal Horticultural Society (JRHS), British Apples Register (BAR), Fruit Trees of America (Dow), The Fruit Manual (Hogg), Germplasm Resources Inventory (GMAL), New York Experimental Station (NYG).

Apple varieties

  • Buff

  • Cherokee Indian apple
  • Christie Manson

  • (1905 UK) (JRHS) Large size fruit, skin greenish yellow with slight orange flush and pink blotches, dotted. Flesh firm, coarse, cream tinged pink, flavor slightly sweet, season late.
  • Clyde Beauty

  • (1851 Clyde, New York, USA) (Dow) Large size, skin green or yellow flushed and mottled red, waxy. Flesh fine, tender, flavor subacid, season mid to late.
  • Clyde Transparent

  • (1884 Scotland, UK) (Hogg) Small to medium size, skin yellow flushed red with darker streaks. Flesh crisp, yellowish, flavor sweet.
  • Diamond

  • (1937 Essex, England, UK) (JRHS) Medium to large size, skin very pale yellow half flushed pale red, striped darker red. Flesh fine, firm, hard, often tinged pink. Flavor subacid, sweet, season mid to late.
  • High Yellow

  • (Shady Springs, West Virginia, USA) Found in an old cider and apple brandy orchard and was said to be old in 1900.
  • Opal (1)

  • (1895 Berkshire, England, UK) (JRHS) Medium size, skin pale yellow. Flesh tender, flavor subacid, season late.
  • Opal (2)

  • (1936 Essex, England, UK) (JRHS) Medium size, skin pale yellow flushed bright crimson, striped carmine, some russet dots. Flesh firm, crisp, cream tinged orange, flavor sweet subacid, season mid.
  • Raymond

  • (1950 Beverly, Massachusetts, USA) (NYG) Medium size fruit, skin red with stripe. Flesh soft, pink.
  • Shasta Blood

  • Antique variety.