Apple Orchard

Pearmain Apples!

At Hocking Hills Orchard, here at the Four Seasons Cabins, we grow many different varieties of Apples, Pears, Grapes and other fruit.

The apple varieties in this group all have skin that is covered partially or completely with russeting. The flavor ranges from sweet-tart to very sweet to pear like. Not pretty to look at, they are also called "rusty coat" apples, but the flavor more than makes up for their looks.

At one time in American history russet apples were the most desired and wages were actually paid in cider made from russet apples. They are great eating. More great tastes to try.

Apple varieties

  • Adams Pearmain

  • (1826 England, UK) Medium to large fruit with the true Pearmain shape. Yellow streaked fruit with red on the sunny side, covered with light russet. Flesh is rich and sugary, excellent dessert apple. Ripens in September.
  • American Summer Pearmain

  • (1806 USA) Medium to large green fruit covered with dull red. Excellent flavor. Early in Japan's modern history it was sent to that country and is found in the parentage of many modern Japanese varieties.
  • Blue Pearmain

  • (1700's England, UK) Large dark purplish red fruit with dots and covered with a bluish bloom. True Pearmain flavor; mild, aromatic and sweet. Ripens in September.
  • Cannon Pearmain

  • (1804 Virginia or North Carolina, USA) Medium to large in size, usually it is covered with yellow dots. The ovate-shaped fruit has agreenish-yellow skin flushed with brick-red and striped with carmine. The flesh is creamy yellow, crisp, juicy and coarse-grained, with a subacid flavor.
  • Cherry Pearmain

  • (Herefordshire, England, UK) This apple obtains a red striped skin when mature, with an up-side-down shape. Flesh is a deeper pink tone which varieswith climatic changes. Tart and aromatic flavor.
  • Christmas Pearmain

  • (1893 Kent, England, UK) Medium sized, oblong fruit. Pretty apple with red stripes and russsetting over a green skin. Juicy, crisp, yellow flesh. Good, sweet, rich flavour.
  • Claygate Pearmain

  • (pre 1880 England, UK) Small to medium size fruit. Golden brown russet often with black spots or markings. Very high quality. Ripens in October.
  • Hubbard's Pearmain

  • (1800 Norfolk, UK) Medium size fruit. Flushed and with some russeting. A sweet, rich , nutty flavour. A late dessert apple, ripens in October.
  • Lamb Abbey Pearmain

  • (1804 England, UK) Seedling of Newtown Pippin. Small to medium size red striped fruit. Crisp, juicy, sugary, yellowish white flesh. Excellent flavor, ripens in September.
  • Mannington's Pearmain

  • (1770 Sussex, UK) Medium size fruit, rich flavor.
  • Merton Pearmain

  • Looking for information.
  • Old Pearmain

  • (1200 Europe) Medium size fruit, flushed, ripens in early October.
  • Scarlet Pearmain

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  • White Winter Pearmain

  • (1200 England, UK) Oldest known English apple. Medium to large light greenish fruit turning pale yellow with numerous dots. Fine grained, crisp, juicy flesh. Rich, aromatic flavor. All purporse apple. Ripens in October.
  • Worcester Pearmain

  • (1873 Worcester, UK) Believed to be a seedling of Devonshire Quarrenden. Medium sized, round-conical fruit. Often lopsided. Bright red flush almost completely covering the smooth yellowish green skin. White, firm, juicy flesh, very sweet. Flavour can be variable. At its best a lovely sweet intense strawberry flavour but rather plain at other times. Does not keep well. The fruit should be left on the tree for as long as possible for the flavour and colour to develop and eaten soon after picking.